Video Projects


Sun Notations (sample clip)
running time: 10 minute theatre version or 16 minute installation loop, 2016-2018

Audio by Matt Steinke.  Production Assistant: Ashley Lane and Annie Sungkajun

Sun Notations is an experimental video that animates over 50 still photographs – a work that merges a primitive photographic process (pinhole) with new technology. The original photographs capture the pathway of the sun rising and setting over time, with exposures that last one day up to an entire year. Here time and space expand, overlap, and then dissipate as clusters of dust appear like stars, insects fall from the sky, the landscape morphs into abstraction, and the sun traces across the screen like a drawing in motion. Throughout the work, references to creation and destruction call attention to our immediate present but also to the grim possibility that our planet may not have a “forever”.

Sun Notations: video installation, WATW, Austin, TX, 2018


The earth is not a spaceship (sample clip),  running time 4 minutes, single channel video, 2016
2016 official selection Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, Trinidad + Tobago
Dallas Medianale, Dallas Contemporary
2017 Earth Day Film Festival, CA
ALT/Future: Biome Arts, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY and Taipei, Taiwan
iDEAS Exhibition, iDMAa conference, Winona, MN

A profound and disturbing short experimental film that guides the viewer through sublime natural imagery with the voice of Mother Earth acting as a guide. This film challenges its very means of communication- the concept of film- and will leave you shaken. There is no substitute for nature, and certainly not a movie”. – Earth Day Film Festival


Eyes on Texas, running time 6:27 minutes, single channel video, 2015
part of “Mess With Texas”, Curated by Peter Lucas, co-presented by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image
Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX, November 5, 2015

Guest curator Peter Lucas invited a number of Texas artists to create new video works using vintage source footage from the movies, newsreels, homemade films, and television shows collected by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. The re-workings are creative intersections of past and present, bringing new life and new perspectives to regional media memory. Artists included: The Art Guys, Robert Pruitt, Prince Varughese Thomas, Jennifer Lane, Scott Stark, Krista Steinke, Dave Merson Hess, and Nick Bontrager.


Submerge, (sample clip), running time 5 minutes, single channel video, credits: AKA collective


349 Utopia Drive (sample clip), running time 4.5 minutes, single channel video, credits: AKA collective

349 Utopia Drive, Installation view with TV console