On the breath of a forest

pinhole images created by placing homemade cameras in the trees of a forest for an entire summer, 2014
detail from “on the breath of a forest”


“On the breath of a forest” is an extension of my series “Purgatory Road” – a project that is based in a wooded region in rural New York. To create this work, homemade pinhole cameras are distributed throughout the trees in the forest where they are left outside for the entire summer to be weathered by the natural elements. They are rained on, heated by the sun, blown by the wind, and often become embedded with bugs, leaves, spider webs, and dirt. A relationship between content and form emerges as nature serves as both a subject and creative tool. Here, I am not so much interested in the single perfect exposure as much as how the results work together to capture the pulse of a place – the rhythm of the sun rising and setting, the textures, the palette, and remnants of the vegetation found within this unique ecosystem.